res . . .

has always been a favorite of mine. I still listen to her debut album "How I Do", and had been wondering if I'd ever hear from her again. Apparently, she has been keeping busy with the formation of her new group Idle Warship with rapper Talib Kweli (another one of my faves) and singer Graph Nobel. You can check out her myspace page to see what else she's been up to here. I'm feeling her new look. Very pretty . . . Maybe she would like some Aquarian Thoughts jewelry!


I'm obessed. . . .

with little party dresses as of late. Might be because I've got a birthday quickly approaching. It would be nice to get myself a little number similar to one of these Marchesa Spring 2009 pieces . . .

Marchesa Spring 2009


Just wanted to let you know what I've been up to . . .

I am officially a twitter addict. You can keep up with me and tweet me at my twitter page here.

I've got an etsy store that will be slowly filling up with samples and one-of-a-kind designs that you won't find on my website. Some samples up to 70% OFF!! Be sure to check in often : )

As for Aquarian Thoughts, I will adding new goods for the spring shortly as well as new events and shows I've got lined up. Stay tuned. We are growing, growing growing!!

Interiors . . .

that are well put together, inspire my design process as well. Here is another photo I grabbed some time ago that I just threw up on my board. I love the moody feel of this room and the blend of two of my favorite colors, blue and orange with my favorite pattern, zebra print. I really want to start playing with different mediums like fabric in my work. Now what can I take from this??

I'm seeing Iolite, Carnelian & Tourmilated Quartz! Love it!!

Aquarian Thoughts Giveaway!!

Today the sun transits into Aquarius indicating a great time for creativity, humanitarian efforts, intellectual growth and building social relationships.

Aquarian Thoughts is celebrating by gifting 5 Lucky ladies with the GEO Necklace!!

Click the picture to sign up, or go HERE for more details . . .

Aquarian Thoughts, Aquarius Sun GIVEAWAY!!


I have hundreds of little pictures and tear sheets saved that I use for inspiration when jumping back into design mode. These lovely pics from Layla in Brookyln are two that I often revisit as I instantly become imbued by the saturated jewel tone colors. Be sure to check her press page and get a peek of her spread in Domino magazine.

Layla in Brooklyn

shame, shame, shame . . .

on me for not remembering where I grabbed these images from, but I had to share these two photos. Can't get enough of the 1940-ish {is that the right era} styling. Love the hats and the gloves and the mixture of textures . . .

Love These Looks!

I think I might have to work with a stylist for my next project to tackle, my lookbook!

PS. If this work is yours, please let me know, I will glady give you your credit!

Hair Accessories . . .

are starting to become one of my new favorite additions to my wardrobe and I wouldn't be surprised if I start to design them. I like how these headbands add a little extra "something" to an ordinary hair style.

Really Cute Idea!

Both Available at Asos . . .
Another Victim of Police Brutality

Very Nice . . .

Art by Chrisitna Drejenstam . . .

Christina Drejenstam

Pretty Frocks . . .

by Duro Olowu.

Duro Olowu

I think I secretly just like the shoes!


I saw this and just had to share! While perusing my newest internet addiction, I stumbled upon this fly girl. Not only is NIKKIMOOSE dressed to kill, but she tore the jeans and HAND STUDDED her own shoes. Now that is fierce . . .

You can find her lookbook and hundreds of others here.


of the Noisettes . . .

How gorgeous is this??

Nikki Giovanni

While browsing through one of my fave spots, Love is Near, I came across a post on Nikki G and it got me thinking about one of my favorite poems, Fascinations. It is a bit long to share in this space, but the last stanza is what I like to recite to the hubby . . .

If you were a pure bolt
of fire cutting the skies
i'd touch you risking my life
not because i'm brave or strong
but because i'm fascinated
by what the outcome will be


I'm Fly Girl of the Week.

I'm Fly!

I feel so special. Fly is one of the most inspiring sites for artistic sistahs doing their "thing" and is definitely one of my daily reads. Check out my feature here and be sure to add Fly to your fave spots.

Vibrant color inspiration

I am LOVING these patterns and colors from Basso & Brook's Spring 2009 collection. And the shoes are fierce, too. You can check out more of this collection here . . .


I would so wear that red dress . . .

Just Fly!

The more photography I desire for the site, the more I notice quality work. I can so appreciate the pretty styling, hair and make-up of hip-hop artist Kid Sister for Venus Magazine.

Just Fly!

Image via Kid Sister

The calm after the storm . . .

of the holiday season has given me some time to think about things other than jewelry. So I have been doodling again. Here is some calligraphy-like lettering I've been playing with.

My Creative Forces

Letter "N" for Nadirah of course!


And welcome to the newly designed Aquarian Thoughts Blog!

In this space I will be keeping you abreast of new projects, designs, and some art work I have yet to share. Please visit my archives while we wait for this space to grow!