This morning while getting my etsy on I checked out this weeks Shop Live Host, Justina Blakely, DIY editor of VenusZine and quickly got acquainted with her company Compai and the crafty goodness that she has been up to. Along with her sister, Faith, Justina co-authored a series of books, 99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Rock Your (Scarf, T-shirt, Denim) and designs a line of eco-friendly clothes all made from recycled textiles. Scroll down to see pics of one of the most creative boutiques I've seen designed with all recycled materials. You can check out her super cute company website here, and be sure to check out her flickr photo stream as it is filled with colorful inspirational photos of the work she does, and sneak peeks into the books . . .

Faith of Compai modeling the latest designs...

More Compai Fashions

Love these images of the Compai Boutique!!

Everything in Compai Boutique is made of recycled goods!

Images from 99 Ways to . . . Denim


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Compai said... February 12, 2009 at 5:08 PM

Thank you for blogging COMPAI and thereby helping me to find your beautiful blog!
Best Wishes~
Justina of COMPAI

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