happy friday + font obsession

As I've been mentioning before I have been busy over here at Aquarian Thoughts, creating a new collection of goods and revamping the website. Thanks to my twitter homie, springcart, my latest work in progress revolves around choosing a font. Sounds simple enough, but as you graphic geeks know, it's easier said then done...

I've had a thing for typography since I took a calligraphy class in highschool, but choosing which font to use on the website has suddenly become a life or death... er... make that eat or not matter.... Muy expensive!! Here are a few that I've been eyeing....

Magic Spell
Magic Spell


and now for the kicker....

Burgeus Script...
Burgeus Script

so... which one screams "I need to join the Aquarian Thoughts team" ... hmmm?


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